Project Management

Innate, Inc-Innate Timesheets

Web based timesheets capture effort and progress on all work performed by a given resource. They list scheduled tasks for each user and provide the ability to note ancillary activities such as meetings and personal leave. Individual resources can add/remove tasks from his/her timesheets under certain permissions. Web based data entry can be deployed for authorized managers to maintain tasks and resource data directly in the database.

We interface with:

  • Microsoft Project – the two way interface maintains the database as plans are amended and we show the impact of timesheet data on project schedules.
  • Financial systems – secure data transfer with two-phase commit facility is provided.

    The timesheets process can be fully automated. Each step is driven by e-mail alerts, which automatically notifies users when their timesheets have arrived or are overdue.

    On Demand Reports access the database directly, so that managers can see how the staff is spending its time, costs incurred and billable sums etc. Managers can modify the report layouts at run time, giving them customized views of the data.


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