Project Management


Organize projects by tasks, assigning who's responsible and when it's due. As tasks are updated, the changes are immediately available. And unlike traditional project management tools, WorkZone's Project Tracker is easy enough to be used by the entire team, with a minimum of training.

 WorkZone can help identify projects, phases and tasks that are at risk, enabling you to focus your attention on the areas of greatest need. Late tasks are highlighted and can trigger automatic email notifications. Projects and phases that are late or at risk are flagged with colorful caution symbols.

WorkZone lets you link dependent tasks, so that the start date of one task is calculated automatically based on the end date of one or more previous tasks. If the date for a task moves, the dates for all tasks dependent on it will be shifted accordingly.

Keep track of the time and expenses worked on specific tasks in your projects for use in client billing or project costing. WorkZone will keep running totals of hours by task, user, project and workspace, and then make this information available in a number of useful reports, which can then be printed or exported to Excel.


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