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ZilicusPM is complete project management software that offers greater control to manage projects and greater visibility into project status. It is feature rich yet really simple to use and quick to learn.

Detailed Product Description

Project Portfolio Management

Business with good number of diverse projects need better way to manage project portfolios. ZilicusPM enables project portfolio management for organization. Users with Portfolio manager role in ZilicusPM can set up portfolio of projects and track portfolio status. Portfolio manager can set portfolio goals, objectives and budget for its portfolio. Portfolio managers can associate a project with a given portfolio and hand it over to project manager. As project progresses and team update project status information, portfolio managers can track portfolio progress in Portfolio Dashboard and Portfolio Reports. 

ZilicusPM provides excellent visibility for portfolio owners into their respective portfolio of projects. The portfolio dashboard in ZilicusPM is drill-down, wherein portfolio managers can click on a given status indicator like Planned Vs Actual completion and he is navigated to specific project's dashboard.

If one looks at the customer lifecycle : from sales pitch to deal closure to project planning, project delivery to billing & invoicing. Typically it starts with customizing a project proposal template specially for your next client, using proposal software to offer convincing pitch of your project services with Q&A.. As you can see, project management comes into picture only after a business deal is concluded and client wants to move forward with you (as a vendor).

Project Planning

Project planning goes beyond casual tasks management. Project planner needs to develop detailed project schedule - creation of tasks & milestones, efforts required, establishing task interdependency, task prioritization. One can view project schedule graphically through Gantt Chart. Once project tasks are detailed out, project manager can look at resource availability & resource utilization & applicable cost of involving resources and cost of each deliverable. Project Managers need to start recording potential risks in Risk Register, right from the beginning of the project. Automated Email notification & alerts execute part of project communication plan on behalf of project manager.

Project Collaboration

There is undeniable importance of collaboration for success of any project. Zilicus understands this well and with ZilicusPM your team can  seamlessly collaboration with project schedule, gantt chart, issue, risks; share documents, view project progress in dashboard and much more.

  • Shared project schedule
  • Online project calendar
  • Discussion forum
  • Activity stream
  • Comments on tasks, issues, risk
  • Online meeting manager

Task Scheduling and Tracking Management
The ease of creating tasks and entering task details is made quite easy in ZilicusPM. The details of tasks are organized and grouped in logical manner. Even you will find how easy it is to navigate through project tasks (e.g.Task Details, Dependencies, Resources) when you use ZilicusPM. You can add multiple tasks on the fly, it is quite easy. The nicer part of Task Management is each team member whoever has tasks assigned, receives automatic email notification of task assignment & updates to the plan. Any change in project plan gets reflected to all team members on a real time basis through ZilicusPM.

Project Risk Management
Now create & prioritize risks easily using Risk Manager in ZilicusPM. ZilicusPM provides you a Risk Register, where any of your team members can submit new issue, can view & update it. As a project manager, you have access to advance capabilities to evaluate impact, assess probability, etc and to create a response plan through risk response/action, mitigation/ contingency plan, delegation of respective plan to team member.

  • Risk Register
  • Risk Assessment
  • Response Plan
  • Automated Email Notification
  • Risk Register shared with all team members

Project Issue Tracking and Management
Easy to use interface of issue tracker will help you to organise issues through prioritization, lifecycle/workflow of issue and resolution which makes issue tracking painless and simple. Now create & prioritize issues/bugs easily using Issue tracker in ZilicusPM. The issue assignment, lifecycle/workflow of issue and resolution mechanism makes issue tracking seamless and pretty simple.

  • Submit New Issues
  • Designated & generic workflow of issue lifecycle
  • Automated email notification
  • Issue Register- Shared with all team members
  • Each update to issue is audited

Project Resource Management

  • ZilicusPM project management software offers amazing resource management capabilities. One can set up resource roles in ZilicusPM, associate skillset, job role, define its working days.
  • While planning a project, project manager can quickly refer resource capacity planning report and identify most appropriate/suitable resource for its project; PM can also decide the % allocation of a project team member to a given project
  • While assigning a task, project owner can perform 'what-if' analysis of resource assignment/load. Project manager can also define % allocation level even at a task level.
  • Even after a task is assigned to a given resource, project manager can control day-wise work assignment to that resource
  • With ZilicusPM, you can Create organization hierarchy so that users can access project data in accordance with organization hierarchy. Beside organization hierarchy, you can associate resources to projects on the fly.
  • Assign a task to resource(s) and tweak resource allocation to resolve conflict; so you've always got the right people working on the right tasks at the right time.
  • Each team member in turn can record his work through timesheet as billable or non-billable. This it becomes easy for project manager to calculate actual cost involved in delivering project.

Time Tracking Software
Now you can record your time spent on project and non-project activities; To find out resource utilization, productivity and of course the billability of a given project & all project, you can export data and generate reports quickly. The time sheet reports for billability, can help you to generate create billability & payment details which can be used to raise an invoice to customer.

  • Submit Timesheet Entry: Billable or non-billable
  • Alerts to each team member to submit weekly timesheet
  • Separate Timesheet Reports for team members and project manager
  • Now users can track timesheet using their smartphone and tablet (Android based as well as iPhone and iPad).

Expenses Tracking
Project managers can track project expenses and compare expenses against budgeted items. Team members can submit project expenses, along with bills for approval. Once project expense is approved, it gets accounted as actual project cost.

  • Submit expenses sheet: Billable or non-billable, expense type, amount, upload receipt
  • Project managers can review expense sheet and approve/reject it
  • Team members and project managers can track respective expense sheet, as well as into project cost elements

Project Meeting Management
Project manager can set up project meetings in ZilicusPM, invite stakeholders, share meeting agenda. These meetings would show up in respective invitee's calendar. One meeting is conducted, meeting organizer can 

  • Record who attended the meeting
  • Record minutes of meetings
  • Create list of action items, assign to participants and track those action items for status
  • Essentially there is one central platform where PM can find all project meeting information

Document Management
Upload local files or Google docs* through browser to a central location which everyone in team can access in Zilicus PM. Tag files with labels and keep track of changes with the version history.

  • Create online folders
  • Create versions of project files (major/minor)
  • Shared with all members of the team
  • Add Labels & get a lable view of documents
  • PM can create confidential folder, only he/she can access

Dashboard & Reports
Know real time health of projects at a glance with stylish & graphical dashboard. Zilicus PM helps you to track and analyze project progress thorugh easy to access; pre-configured reports

  • Stylish Dashboard that one can customize view for his/her preference
  • Real time updates & health of project at a glance
  • Extract Reports to analyze project data
  • Portfolio Manager has separate dashboard to track health of projects



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