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Rational Concepts-I-Schedule

I-Schedule, Rational Concepts' powerful new planning and resource management software system will begin shipping in September of this year. I-Schedule allows critical path schedules and resources to be managed over the Internet. Platform independent, I-Schedule is Java-based and built to take maximum advantage of Internet technology. With I-Schedule, all of the information relating to a project's schedule is available anytime, anywhere. Customizable queries provide managers with easy access to all of their reports. User-defined websites invite project collaboration through project links, corporate links to processes and drag-and-drop document sharing.
  • Resource Management: Resource load your schedule by pool, resource or skill with a single enterprise-wide resource file. I-Schedule determines how and what resources your company needs to successfully execute your projects. Interactive resource histograms make it easy to adjust resource allocation.
  • Multi-Project Scheduling: I-Schedule was designed from the ground up to handle portfolios of projects. Cross project scheduling, resource planning and reporting are a native part of I-Schedule?s robust capabilities.
  • Virtual Project Office: I-Schedule has a host of features that go beyond scheduling. Risk Management, e-mail-enabled action items and a host of collaborative features make I-Schedule a complete project office.
  • I-Schedule is written in Java and can run on any platform. Oracle serves as the back-end database which completes I-Schedule's portability and scalability. The client can be run on any platform that supports Java, including both Netscape 4.0 and Internet Explorer 4.0 and above.


    Application Lifecycle Management
    Budgeting and Forecasting
    Change Management (Version Control)
    Document Management
    Enterprise Portfolio Management
    Expense Tracking
    File Sharing
    Issue Tracking
    Metrics Tracking
    Process Management
    Professional Services Automation
    Program Management
    Project Accounting
    Project Management
    Project Portfolio Management
    Requirements Management
    Resource Management
    Risk Management
    Service Management
    Time Keeping
    Workflow Management
    Workforce Management


    Action Item Tracking
    Approval/Workflow Management
    Archiving Processes
    Archiving Templates
    Assignment Tracking
    Benefits Documentation and Tracking
    Best Practices Management
    Billing & Chargeback Tracking
    Budgeting & Forecasting
    Change/Version Management
    Custom User Interface
    Customizable Fields
    Customizable Functionality
    Customizable Reporting
    Data Import/Export to MS Excel
    Data Import/Export to MS Project
    Document Management
    Email Integration
    Executive Dashboarding
    Expense Tracking
    Fault Management
    File Sharing
    Gantt Charting
    Issue Management
    Knowledge Management
    Legacy System Integration
    Methodology/Process Management
    Metrics Management
    Milestone Tracking
    Mobile Access
    Percent-Complete Tracking
    Pert Charting
    Portfolio Management
    Progress Tracking
    Project Accounting
    Project Estimating
    Project Template Customization
    Project Template Integration
    Project Workflow
    Quality Management
    Records Management
    Reporting (Financial)
    Reporting (Progress)
    Requirements Management
    Resource Management
    Risk Management
    Software Development Kit
    Task Management
    Template Customization Support
    Time Tracking
    Total Cost Tracking
    Workforce Management


    Open Source
    Software as a Service


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