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Hub Planner

Hub Planner is a powerful and robust resource and team scheduling software tool designed to meet different functional requirements. Unlike other tools, Hub Planner is able to satisfy businesses of different backgrounds working across a vast array of industries by adopting specific keywording to your business requirements. Business tool customization is one of Hub Planner’s core functionalities alongside high reliability and thorough customer service which lays deep at their hearts.


So How Can Hub Planner Help Project Managers In Practice? 

Hub Planner gives you the bigger picture of where your team's focus is and helps provide transparency within the plan. Below are a couple of reasons why Hub Planner makes your life as a Project Manager easier…


Team Overview

Managing and planning multiple projects is part of the PM day-to-day, and knowing who is available to schedule is an important part of making the project plan. Hub Planner’s Scheduler, helps project managers to keep their work under control by being able to easily see what team members are currently working on as well as understanding what their availability and capacity looks like right now and down the pipeline.

Having a concise resource availability view is a valuable assistant to avoid booking conflicts, which can be quickly and painlessly resolved within the scheduler. To add even more value, Hub Planner provides visual aids in a heat map style to allow you to quickly identify availability of your team.


High Transparency within Team Planning

Taking the mystery out of who is doing what and when brings more transparency within your team. With Hub Planner, you can involve absolutely everyone with the plan and yet decide who can have what rights by simple adjustments in your role settings. This way project managers and CEO’s can gain full insight into how their team is progressing on their projects and how their resources are being utilized. Resource utilization views gives a project manager clear information about where potential gaps in the planning process may be and indicate what steps should be taken. Maybe you find out that all project’s developers are completely overbooked and you need to hire new ones in order to successfully deliver your project.


Easy Budget Tracking

With Hub Planner you can have a firm control of your project budget. You can set a budget against a project and select from two options, budget in hours or budget in cash amounts. Alternatively, you can go for both if you wish to. Visually seeing budgets when planning is a huge advantage. It encourages project managers to stay in budget and supports planning within the project limits. Budgets are updated real time, so you can see changes instantly and keep track at all times. On top of all that, you can create rate cards and have varying rates for each employee on each project which is a huge advantage if you bill differently per consultant or client.  


Dynamic Reporting, Exporting & Printing

Dynamic reporting is one of the most powerful features Hub Planner has ever created. It provides you with helpful analytical insights, which is important in reconciliation of projects as well as it serves excellently for meeting purposes. Analytics can be accessed in the visual dashboard which gives you a quick glimpse of the schedule, utilization, availability and upcoming events. Here you can truly deep dive into the data reports!

Hub Planner also allows you to export and print your reports in several different formats so you can impress others by your data loaded presentation even at a no laptop meeting.


Plan From Anywhere On the Go

The mobile friendly version of the Hub Planner’s scheduler makes it possible for PMs to make important decisions and keep the planning processes rolling even on the go. It has never been easier to make a booking at any point of time! Simply tap in your phone, check for a resource availability and assign them to a project. It’s simple, clean in design and very intuitive to navigate through. The mobile scheduling alternative is enhancing the user experience and increasing transparency between project managers and their team members. It is therefore yet another advantage, making managers more flexible and faster in taking appropriate actions independent of their location.


Plan Ahead

If you have got projects or assignments in your pipeline, start planning them ahead of time. Hub Planner allows you to prepare your upcoming projects well and plan even really far ahead. Based on the zoom levels provided, it is possible to plan ahead in hours, days, weeks, months or even years. So if your project doesn’t need to start just yet, start the planning process already now, even if you are not sure who will work on it. You can start by specifying the date estimates and skills that will be required for the job and create this way a demand on your company and the resource pool. This is an excellent way not to fall behind and stay on top of things!


Team Inclusion & Time Tracking

Hub Planner’s features enable team members to gain more transparency and enhance collaborative level between them. Every team member can view their own scheduler and get a glimpse of how their own week looks like, seeing what they are working on and when. Teams can also gain additional transparency through the iCal feature. Via the iCal function, everyone can receive real time notifications and stay this way fully up to date and informed of any change or a new booking. To be able to track their actual time they worked on specific projects, teams can use Timesheets where they can also very simply report their time. As for project managers, they can set Time Approval Workflow extension in the timesheets, where they can manage the submitted time. This allows them to understand more the context their teams are reporting time on and have a complete overview.


Get Started Today - Hub Planner offers an amazing 60 Day Free Trial.


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