Project Management


Project Management for the Construction Industry:
Geniebelt allows your company to better communicate, quickly tackle major issues, and save time by having everything you need in one place. Available on IOS and Andriod, Geniebelt allows small and large projects to get better transparency for all parties while also capturing more information without all the confusion of clunky excel documents.

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Some of the features that set us apart:

Gantt Chart Display:

Users can see project tasks displayed in the order of completion. This is extremely useful in the construction industry when many of the stages of project are contingent to the completion of earlier projects.

Realtime activity feed:
Users can see up to the second messages and updates as they pertain to their assigned tasks. The “audit trail” also gives everyone a written record of what has happened and what is being said with each task in project.

Get Updates from SubContractors:
Tasks can be updated in real-time with pictures and given a completion percentage.

***Simple way for an entire project team to be working off the same program. Keep you updated with the correct information

Project Summary Export:
Geniebelt lets project managers export 7 day reports for those at the home office that want to get a big pictures understanding of how things are progressing.

Web and Mobile views:
View large icons to see projects.

Request Updates from Subcontractors:

Concerned a task isn’t getting finished quick enough? Request an update.

Report a Problem:
Let everyone on site know that there’s a problem on site or an issue with a task or even a project. The system automatically colors it red to note that it’s a problem.

Project Managers verify/sign off on completed tasks:
This will let everyone involved in the project know that something has been completed the work has been reviewed and the work for that specific task is done. Photo can be added as well to drive the point home.

Mention specific contractors in Audit Trail:
The audit trail lets you specifically focus on one employee. They receive what we call a “beat” that will let that specific employee/subcontractor know that they’ve been specifically mentioned or identified or messaged. The sender of the message can see when or if the message has been read.

Group tasks together by tags:
This allows a set of tasks to be included in the same stages so that everyone knows this is all part of how something is done or where everything goes.

Percentage of task completion
Users and contractors can supply a percentage of completion and change it for each task. They can also put alerts up when there are issues and unforeseen problems with a specific part of the task that requires the attention of others

Project View Completion Percentage:
You can see when a project is on time or behind. This allows all users to see where the project is overall in terms of timelines.

Create tasks based on timelines, budget, and delivery dates. Assign tasks to relevant subcontractors or employees.

Indicate delivery of materials, forms have been handed in, project completion, etc.

Import MS Project or Excel Document for Gantt Chart:

Import Microsoft Project and Excel to allow for quick and easy set up. It takes so much more time to create these in excel but our product shows it quickly and easily

Budget Estimation:
When you create tasks, you can associate a task with a budget. This allows you to attach a cost with each task and get an overview.  The budget is directly associated with the task completion.


Project Overview :
Get  better overall summary of how a project is coming along and which tasks are on time or behind.


Advanced Dependencies:
Set up projects that require a major task to be completed prior to the start of a task dependant on its completion.


Set up a date or task to mark the finishing of a major element of the project for better overall project management and awareness.

Drill Down - Filtering:
Search for tasks related to individual team members, keywords, specific types of tasks, tags, etc. This will allow you to find what you’re looking for more quickly.


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