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Sustainability in Organizations and Institutions - Part 2

by Josh Morfaw
July 10, 2014 | 62:09 | Views: 215 | PDUs: 1.00 | Rating: 3.73 / 5

The “Sustainable Development” concept is sweeping across the entire world involving almost all social, economic, cultural, educational and political institutions. It is now unrealistic to think of running a program or project without a plan for its sustainability. The current economic and financial crisis plaguing world economies have a been a litmus on their sustainability and long-term viability of many banks and other financial institutions and this has had some dramatic effects in the implementation of projects sponsored by these financial institutions.

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In-Between or Neither-Nor? Challenges and Opportunities for Meso Management in Development Projects

by Peter Pfeiffer, PMP

International Development addresses a vast array of issues related to social and economic transformation. This article draws attention to the importance of the meso management level, which helps to bridge the gap between the macro level where strategies are defined and the micro levels where the interventions occur. To be effective it must face challenges related to project governance and management competencies.

M.A.S.S.I.V.E. Projects for Sustainable Development

by Massimo Longo

Nowadays, executives are called to manage strategic programs and projects that also consider sustainability. To help with this, modern management should make sure that every single project is a M.A.S.S.I.V.E. one.

Managing Workshare in Indian Matrix Organizations

by Tushar Chaudhari

Every project manager wants to have full command over a team of high performers. But in a weak matrix organization, it can be difficult to fulfill such demands. This article discusses the routine demands experienced by a project manager in India or workshare coordinator, and also provides a constructive way forward to handle these concerns effectively.

The New Logical Framework: A Tool for an Effective Development Project Design

by Peter Pfeiffer, PMP

The Logical Framework (LF), also known as the Logframe, is generally referred to as a planning tool. The author demonstrates how a new tool, called the New Logframe (NLF), goes a step further in order to increase the effectiveness of project design. The result is a tool that is more practical, summarizes critical project information and is fundamental for strategic planning projects.

Healing Place: Creative Problem-Solving Gives Rwandan Women A New Life

by Heidi Hjerpe

For a group of women in Rwanda, brickmaking is more than just an industrial skill. It is a way to help build a much-needed community center. This article examines how Women for Women International in Washington, DC partnered with Sharon Davis Design in New York to build the Women's Opportunity Center (WOC) in eastern Rwanda.

Africa: High Risk and High Reward

by Sarah Fister Gale

The business world has long eyed Africa, but many companies have also been put off by its poor infrastructure and massive poverty. Now backed by vast natural resources and a surging youth population, the continent is on the verge of living up to its great economic potential. Yet project management success in Africa requires conquering a host of obstacles including political upheaval, limited local talent, and personal safety issues. This article examines how investors looking for projects with strong value propositions will find tremendous opportunities in Africa.

Exchange Rate Fluidity in Global Multi-Site Projects

by Sean Brady

Companies that used to operate in only one country now operate around the world. The single-region world we used to know has become more global and will continue to become so as communications and technology bridge the gap to allow customers and companies to work together in a more efficient and profitable manner. This has added financial challenges to our projects. This article looks specifically at how we can deal with the ever-changing exchange rates to ensure that our project business cases and costs are captured correctly.

The Capital Projects Development Process Used in Cities Throughout the People’s Republic of China

by Wenyi Li, Roger L. Kemp

This paper describes the capital project development process used by cities in the People's Republic of China. It is a generic process used by public officials and citizens throughout this nation. The respective roles and responsibilities of public officials, development managers, project consultants, building contractors, and citizens are described in detail in this paper.

Haiti: A Crisis Management Nightmare (Part 1)

by Bob Weinstein

An absence of leadership has crippled rescue efforts. For crisis managers in all areas, this tragedy is a harsh reminder that provides some important lessons.

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