TRACK: Getting Started with Business Process Improvement - Basic Concepts

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Modules in this track

Identifying Winning Projects
Facilitation Tools and Techniques
Quantifying Management's Expectations


This gantthead University track “Getting Started with Business Process Improvement”, is intended for organizations and individuals seeking insights and practical approaches to identifying and pursuing successful business process improvement initiatives.


  • Learning success factors of winning projects
  • Learning how to quantify management’s improvement objectives in operational terms
  • Learning how to organize initiatives and develop reliable work plans and effort estimates
  • Learning how to test alignment of improvement objectives, stakeholder needs and expectations
  • Learning core Structured Facilitation concepts

Take this track if you are...

  • Executive or member of the Leadership Team
  • Leader of Operational Excellence Projects
  • Process Improvement Analyst 
  • Six Sigma Black Belt
  • Business Process Management Analyst
  • IT Requirements Analyst

Track Study Modules

  1. Identifying Winning Projects
  2. Facilitation Tools and Techniques
  3. Quantifying Management’s Expectations



Track Testing
Each model of this gantthead University Track, Getting Started with Business Process Improvement - Basic Concepts, provides an end of module test in the form of 20 multiple choice questions and a score of 70% for each module is required to pass. The gantthead Process Improvement SME is available and can provide BPI mentoring and assistance through email, and the tests for each of the modules can be retaken, if needed, in order to attain a passing grade.

Track Completion
Upon successful completion of this gantthead University Track, BGetting Started with Business Process Improvement - Basic Concepts, as achieved by the passing of each of the module tests, the participant will receive a gantthead Notice of Distinction (NOD) for achievement in Getting Started with Business Process Improvement - Basic Concepts.

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