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Welcome to Training Course Development Services D. Hughes & Co. develops traditional training course material, SCORM-compliant e-learning modules, and student test materials to meet your requirements. Over the years, we have delivered award-winning services to leading global, national, and regional training providers. For example, an advanced business analysis program created by us has been licensed by third parties as far away as Australia. We also have developed effective adult education programs and individual courses for universities and colleges. Success Factors Students are successful with our approach thanks to a proprietary focus on long-term memory development. Our course content is written by real-life practitioners of the subject who also possess the skill and the desire to write course material. Training Design Philosophy Our training design philosophy combines synthetic and analytic instructional techniques. Synthetic technique integrates all the major aspects of a subject's terminology, concepts, tools, and techniques. Students are challenged to develop for themselves significant connections among the various aspects of the subject matter, rather than merely walking through purely descriptive content under the guidance of an instructor. Analytic technique breaks a large subject into its constituent parts. The major shortcoming of exclusive reliance on analytic technique is the distorting isolation of the part from the whole. It is easy to write course materials this way and, in fact, most technical writers are trained to apply it. However, exclusive reliance on it creates a false sense of accomplishment in the adult student. Finally, our training material is prescriptive, that is, it engages the experience of the adult student to understand why a thing should be as it is, and how it may or may not be relevant under real-life circumstances. Quality Commitment The course authors of D. Hughes & Co. pride themselves on a personal commitment to accuracy, correctness, and editorial excellence. Our standard operating procedures define a workflow which culminates in Alpha testing, formal Beta testing by independent parties, and then production release.


Advanced Project Management
Application Lifecycle Management
Basic Project Management
Best Practices
Budgeting and Forecasting
Business Analysis
Conflict Management
Consulting Skills
Contracts and Vendor Management
Cultural Change Management
Portfolio Management
Problem Solving
Process Management
Program Management
Project Accounting
Quality Management
Requirements Management
Risk Management
Team Building
Virtual Team Management


Certification: APMC (International Institute for Learning)
Certification: CAPM (Project Management Institute)
Certification: CBAP (International Institute of Business Analysis)
Certification: Certified Project Management Associate (International Project Management Association)
Certification: Certified Project Manager (International Project Management Association)
Certification: Certified Projects Director (International Project Management Association)
Certification: Certified SCRUM Master (The SCRUM Alliance)
Certification: Certified SCRUM Practitioner (The SCRUM Alliance)
Certification: Certified Senior Project Manager (International Project Management Association)
Certification: CPM (Intl. Association of Project & Program Mgmt)
Certification: FAPM (Association for Project Management (UK))
Certification: ITIL Foundation Certification
Certification: ITIL Practitioner Certification
Certification: Lean Six Sigma Certification
Certification: MAPM (Association for Project Management (UK))
Certification: MPM (American Academy of Project Managers)
Certification: PgMP (Project Management Institute)
Certification: PMP (Project Management Institute)
Certification: PRINCE2 Foundation (PRINCE2)
Certification: PRINCE2 Practitioner (PRINCE2)
Certification: ACP (Project Management Institute)
Degree: Associates in Project Management
Degree: Bachelors in Project Management
Degree: Certificate in Project Management
Degree: Masters In Project Management
Skill Development: Defined Skills
Skill Development: Soft Skills
Tool-specific: MS Project
Tool-specific: Other

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