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Advanced Resource Analytics

QC Project Drives Intelligence into MS Project Using advanced analytics and intelligent feedback, QC Project enables MS Project users to make their project plan best-practice & trouble-free ? without the need for many of hours of expensive training or long hours reviewing the plan for mistakes. Traditional Training Methods are Replaced, Drastic Cost Savings are Realized Traditionally, MS Project users have found that unless they are highly trained (and highly diligent) they can easily, if unintentionally, misuse MS Project to such extent that the project plan becomes critically flawed ? with no feedback at-all from MS Project that there are issues. Because QC Project provides (1) Intelligent Feedback, (2) AUTO FIX, and (3) point-by-point TUTORIALS it can make traditional MS Project training methods obsolete. A Key Aspect ? comprehensively analyzes your project plan and can fix most problems via a mouse click (AUTO FIX). On large project plans AUTO FIX can save the Project Manager from spending many painstaking hours correcting MS Project. A Key Aspect ? for each QC issue found, this software provides a point-by-point ‘best practice’ tutorial that tells the Project Manager WHY it is an issue and HOW to FIX the issue. This can save the PM tremendous amounts of time, cost and frustration because the WHY and HOW is made obvious automatically. Having QC Project is much like having a full-time consultant, with hundreds of years of experience, at your beck-and-call, all for pennies a day. It can save a Project Manager hundreds of hours in time and thousands in training costs and consultant fees.


Advanced Project Management
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Cultural Change Management
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Certification: APMC (International Institute for Learning)
Certification: CAPM (Project Management Institute)
Certification: CBAP (International Institute of Business Analysis)
Certification: Certified Project Management Associate (International Project Management Association)
Certification: Certified Project Manager (International Project Management Association)
Certification: Certified Projects Director (International Project Management Association)
Certification: Certified SCRUM Master (The SCRUM Alliance)
Certification: Certified SCRUM Practitioner (The SCRUM Alliance)
Certification: Certified Senior Project Manager (International Project Management Association)
Certification: CPM (Intl. Association of Project & Program Mgmt)
Certification: FAPM (Association for Project Management (UK))
Certification: ITIL Foundation Certification
Certification: ITIL Practitioner Certification
Certification: Lean Six Sigma Certification
Certification: MAPM (Association for Project Management (UK))
Certification: MPM (American Academy of Project Managers)
Certification: PgMP (Project Management Institute)
Certification: PMP (Project Management Institute)
Certification: PRINCE2 Foundation (PRINCE2)
Certification: PRINCE2 Practitioner (PRINCE2)
Certification: ACP (Project Management Institute)
Degree: Associates in Project Management
Degree: Bachelors in Project Management
Degree: Certificate in Project Management
Degree: Masters In Project Management
Skill Development: Defined Skills
Skill Development: Soft Skills
Tool-specific: MS Project
Tool-specific: Other

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