Project Management

Virginia Tech

Project Budgeting and Estimating (3 days) 

Project managers are under constant pressure to deliver their projects under budget, yet projects in every industry often exceed their original budgets. This course provides the skills to estimate realistic budgets for completing planned project scope. You also learn how to leverage an approved baseline budget to support the organization’s strategic objectives.

Skills for Success (4 days) 

Through a media-enhanced, simulated case study, you learn how to successfully plan, manage and deliver projects using best practices in a 6-step process. You also learn how to implement project management processes, develop leadership skills and respond to real-world scenarios. At the end of the course, you have access to templates and checklists for use back at the workplace.

Developing User Requirements (4 days) 

In this course, you face the challenge of planning a requirements project from start to finish. You learn how to sharpen your interviewing and analysis skills and write well-formed, testable, and verifiable requirements. Real-world, pragmatic experience is what this course offers. The result? You'll be more efficient in your work and be able to effectively describe what customers and users really want. Your deliverables will be easy to read and easy to manage, with just the right amount of detail so engineers, quality assurance professionals, and others can create and manage the solutions you've specified.

Cloud Computing (3 days) 

This course will help you build and deploy cloud applications and develop an effective cloud implementation strategy.

You will learn how to:

  • Build and deploy cloud applications and develop an effective implementation strategy
  • Leverage cloud vendors, including, Microsoft Azure, Google and Amazon
  • Exploit Software as a Service (SaaS) to optimize cost and resources
  • Create, deploy and secure applications and services with Platform as a Service (PaaS)
  • Commission a computing Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) with Amazon Ec2 and Eucalyptus

Project Team Leadership (4 days) 

Through an immersive case study, you transition into a leader capable of inspiring a diverse team to work together and deliver customer success. You learn how to develop effective team performance through the Leadership Services Model and build a strong team identity through vision, purpose and commitment. At the end of your classroom experience, you take away a project leadership best practices handbook and a personal development plan for use back at the office.

ITIL Certification (3 days) 

This exam-preparatory course provides comprehensive coverage of foundation concepts within the Information Technology Infrastructure Library (ITIL). Through practical assignments, practice exam questions and daily review sessions, you explore and evaluate good practice in IT service management based on the ITIL methodology. You also assess the activities, roles and security issues involved in the service management lifecycle, examine the components of each of the core service management processes (service strategy, service design, service transition, service operation and continual service improvement) and cover key service management terminology. The course culminates in the ITIL Foundation Certification Exam, which is offered on the last day of class.

Managing Global Programs (3 days) 

This course explores the unique challenges of global projects.

You will learn how to:

  • Resolve communication issues and geographical challenges
  • Identify the appropriate communication and collaborative tools
  • Address cultural issues to reduce project risks
  • Differentiate cultures of commerce and government
  • Motivate remote teams
  • Institute clear governance

Complex Program Management (4 days) 

Through an intensive four-day simulation, you will learn how to apply best practices from the emerging fields of complexity science and chaos theory to a real-world project through a unique complexity assessment model and an adaptive four-step process built on Agile and Lean principles. You will also take home a personalized toolkit and productivity template for use back at work.

Risk Management (4 days) 

This two-day course includes extensive exploration of the risk management process, including how to plan, analyze, prioritize, and document risk management decisions.

You will learn how to:

  • Assess and identify risk management probabilities and responsibilities
  • Establish risk priorities through qualitative analysis
  • Assess confidence in project schedule and budget using quantitative analysis
  • Plan response to project risk
  • Make decisions under uncertainty

Agile Projects (3 days) 

This immersive course is based on an authentic Agile project simulation, providing you with the knowledge and practical skills to plan, estimate, track and control a software project. You gain a solid foundation in Scrum, an Agile framework for developing complex products. You learn Scrum roles, Scrum artifacts and timeboxes, and the rules for using them as described in The Scrum Guide. In addition you will learn to apply established techniques for successful Agile project management.



Advanced Project Management
Application Lifecycle Management
Basic Project Management
Best Practices
Budgeting and Forecasting
Business Analysis
Conflict Management
Consulting Skills
Contracts and Vendor Management
Cultural Change Management
Portfolio Management
Problem Solving
Process Management
Program Management
Project Accounting
Quality Management
Requirements Management
Risk Management
Team Building
Virtual Team Management


Certification: APMC (International Institute for Learning)
Certification: CAPM (Project Management Institute)
Certification: CBAP (International Institute of Business Analysis)
Certification: Certified Project Management Associate (International Project Management Association)
Certification: Certified Project Manager (International Project Management Association)
Certification: Certified Projects Director (International Project Management Association)
Certification: Certified SCRUM Master (The SCRUM Alliance)
Certification: Certified SCRUM Practitioner (The SCRUM Alliance)
Certification: Certified Senior Project Manager (International Project Management Association)
Certification: CPM (Intl. Association of Project & Program Mgmt)
Certification: FAPM (Association for Project Management (UK))
Certification: ITIL Foundation Certification
Certification: ITIL Practitioner Certification
Certification: Lean Six Sigma Certification
Certification: MAPM (Association for Project Management (UK))
Certification: MPM (American Academy of Project Managers)
Certification: PgMP (Project Management Institute)
Certification: PMP (Project Management Institute)
Certification: PRINCE2 Foundation (PRINCE2)
Certification: PRINCE2 Practitioner (PRINCE2)
Certification: ACP (Project Management Institute)
Degree: Associates in Project Management
Degree: Bachelors in Project Management
Degree: Certificate in Project Management
Degree: Masters In Project Management
Skill Development: Defined Skills
Skill Development: Soft Skills
Tool-specific: MS Project
Tool-specific: Other

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