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Organizations today are faced with enormous costs owing to bad project management.  The root cause of many of these projects is the lack of clarity of project scope and poorly defined project plans.  This is the result of not having a clear process for managing projects.  A process which is simple yet ensures all projects, whether managed by an individual or in a team, are successful.   Yet most organizations do not have full-time project managers. 

Managing projects is usually part of an employee’s job responsibilities.  However, without project management skills, it can be stressful to manage projects and also get through your other job requirements because you may not have the skills, time or resources available.  Your projects may be any temporary endeavor you undertake to create a unique product, service or other measurable end result.  This may include: developing a marketing plan, organizing an event, creating a new product or service, developing a new process, or creating a new web site. 

In this highly participative workshop you will learn how to develop your project team, project scope and detailed plan using an actual project.  This session will increase your skills, knowledge and experience to ensure project management is applied consistently on all of your projects.  

You will go through an actual project simulation to create a project team, develop the project scope and a detailed project plan.  You will get a great immersed into what’s required to successfully manage a project; whether it’s a small or large one.



Advanced Project Management
Application Lifecycle Management
Basic Project Management
Best Practices
Budgeting and Forecasting
Business Analysis
Conflict Management
Consulting Skills
Contracts and Vendor Management
Cultural Change Management
Portfolio Management
Problem Solving
Process Management
Program Management
Project Accounting
Quality Management
Requirements Management
Risk Management
Team Building
Virtual Team Management


Certification: APMC (International Institute for Learning)
Certification: CAPM (Project Management Institute)
Certification: CBAP (International Institute of Business Analysis)
Certification: Certified Project Management Associate (International Project Management Association)
Certification: Certified Project Manager (International Project Management Association)
Certification: Certified Projects Director (International Project Management Association)
Certification: Certified SCRUM Master (The SCRUM Alliance)
Certification: Certified SCRUM Practitioner (The SCRUM Alliance)
Certification: Certified Senior Project Manager (International Project Management Association)
Certification: CPM (Intl. Association of Project & Program Mgmt)
Certification: FAPM (Association for Project Management (UK))
Certification: ITIL Foundation Certification
Certification: ITIL Practitioner Certification
Certification: Lean Six Sigma Certification
Certification: MAPM (Association for Project Management (UK))
Certification: MPM (American Academy of Project Managers)
Certification: PgMP (Project Management Institute)
Certification: PMP (Project Management Institute)
Certification: PRINCE2 Foundation (PRINCE2)
Certification: PRINCE2 Practitioner (PRINCE2)
Certification: ACP (Project Management Institute)
Degree: Associates in Project Management
Degree: Bachelors in Project Management
Degree: Certificate in Project Management
Degree: Masters In Project Management
Skill Development: Defined Skills
Skill Development: Soft Skills
Tool-specific: MS Project
Tool-specific: Other

Delivery Methods

Group at your location
Online Interactive
Scheduled at vendor location


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