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Today's Job Market

What's it like out there? Is there an approach or strategy that you have found success with or are there any areas where you are looking for the "inside scoop"? Let's talk. Come on in and share your thoughts, questions and ideas about today's job market.

Program Management vs. Project Management: Important distinction or basically semantics (BS)?

What is the difference between project management and program management? Is the distinction important to you? Or is this merely semantics? How is the distinction helpful to you in your work? What is the relationship between the two and how do they work together? Naturally we believe there is a lot to be gained from thinking at the program level but we'd love to hear what other professionals think as we get the PMO department on the air.

The PMO Mystique

Just what does it mean to implement a Program Management Office? You may think you know, but you may have no idea. Here's where you can find out. Share your thoughts and get help from your peers on this vital yet sometimes mysterious part of project management, and be sure to continue the discussion of gantthead's PMO articles.


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