Business Driven PMOs: Using Servant Leadership Techniques to Ensure a Successful PMO

October 29, 2009 12:00 AM EDT (UTC-4)

Today’s PMOs are all about leadership. This must see webinar will discuss considerations and techniques for exhibiting PMO leadership that PMOs of all shapes and sizes can effectively apply.

While PMO leadership is a simple concept, many PMO managers and project managers struggle with actually doing it effectively. This webinar will provide:

  • The business value of leadership within the PMO
  • MBWA 2.0, an updated leadership model that includes the use situational leadership and Web 2.0 tools and techniques
  • Practical Servant Leadership for the IT Project Manager

PMO managers are leaders, project managers are leaders, and in many cases project team members are also leaders. But exhibiting leadership is far more than the ability to schedule a meeting and actually have the project team attend. Typically, project managers are natural servant leaders. This webinar will help your PMO and project managers extend upon that natural servant leadership inclination with leadership techniques that really work.

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