CANCELED: Engage and Be Engaged! Introduction to Strengths-Based Project Management

December 12, 2018 2:00 PM EST (UTC-5)

Platform: WebEx
Capacity: 1000
Duration: 60 min
Presenter: Ruth Pearce

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You probably know the statistics about engagement – 2/3 of us are not engaged (Gallup) and managers are the biggest single cause of engagement and disengagement (Gallup). What can you as a project manager do to engage your teams? Is it your role? What resources do you have?

In this webinar you will discover what you can do to:

1. Be more engaged yourself – it is hard to engage others if you are not feeling engaged.

2. Play to the strengths of others and see them for who they really are.

3. Build engagement in those around you – without a big budget or extravagant team-building events.


"A classic is something that everybody wants to have read and nobody wants to read."

- Mark Twain