Project Management

CANCELED: Project Risk Management/Project Management

December 5, 2019 11:00 AM EST (UTC-5)

Platform: WebEx
Capacity: 2500
Duration: 60 min
Presenter: John Ayers

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The four knowledge cornerstones of project risk management are:
•    Project Management (how to run a project)
•    Earned Value Management (how to measure project performance)
•    Risk Management (how to identify and mitigate risks)
•    Subcontract management (how to manage subcontractors)

Project risk management is essential today and for future work challenges to manage a successful project. This webinar focuses on project management, the first knowledge cornerstone. It will explain the project management process and how it is used to achieve effective project risk management on you project. The webinar will explain what Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) is and how project risk management fits into it. The future of work and how project risk management will be affected is presented. 

Learning Outcomes

  • Definition of Enterprise Risk Management (ERM).
  • Understand what the Project Management process is.
  • Knowledge of how Project Management is used to manage project risks.
  • Learn about the future of work and how project management helps address the challenges it poses.


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