Project Management

CANCELED: Steps in Designing an Integrated Enterprise Project Management System for Effective Cost and Performance Reporting

November 20, 2019 12:00 PM EST (UTC-5)

Platform: WebEx
Capacity: 2500
Duration: 60 min
Presenter: Sachin Melwani

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As a Project Manager, you need to know where the key issues are, report on performance to various stakeholders, make payments to vendors, and even get paid for project delivery. However, it is often difficult to determine project actuals, cash flow forecast, and completion estimates in reporting with absolute confidence. This leads to 'real-world' challenges, such as a long periods of time between Application of Payment (AfP) and Final Payment which impacts cash flow. Multiple customized reports and no consolidated data source add to difficulties over portfolio analysis prioritization. To get the right project information, you may want to understand the steps in planning your own potential transformation and articulating your own requirements while remaining mindful of your organization's strengths and weaknesses. Using waterfall, agile, and change management techniques, this webinar will cover the configuration points in designing an Enterprise Project Management system to allow data integration across existing Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems. Project Managers will be able to better understand whether their projects are within agreed thresholds and how to better manage compensation events.


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