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Activity Profiling

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A technique used to describe a specific activity in order to enable improvements and facilitate strong activity management.


  • To profile an entire value stream or process.
  • To profile each activity comprising a value stream or process.
  • To assess an activity in terms of value-added or non-value-added functionality during breakthrough and/or improvement projects.
  • To promote business agreement regarding redundant activities.
  • To facilitate identification of process changes to accomplish efficient operations and quality output.
  • To help identifing any risks related to the specific activity.


  1. Identify, name, and describe the activity, process or value stream, and record the customer and required outputs.
  2. For each activity, record all relevant (and available) profile information.
  3. Identify activity measures or goals.
  4. Confirm with knowledgeable enterprise representatives.


For each activity, identify and record the following:

  • activity name
  • purpose or description
  • inputs
  • outputs
  • customers ( those external or internal to the enterprise)
  • controls (or other operational, regulatory constraints)
  • owners ( those charged with responsibility for operations and execution)
  • organizations involved (those organizations which are solely responsible for performing the activity)
  • performance measurement characteristics (any relevant service, quality or performance measures)
Other information which may be added to the profile includes locations performed, other control parameters, and the systems which support the activity.


Activity Name:




Operating Constraints:

Current System:


  1. George D. Robson. Continuous Process Improvement, Simplifying Work Flow Systems. The Free Press, 1991.

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