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DISC Inventory Analysis

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A facilitated technique to inventory the interactional styles of people in the organization. The acronym describes the interactional styles:

D - Directives (leaders),

I - Interpersonal (facilitators),

S - Steadies (workers), and

C - Compliance (followers).

A DISC Inventory is performed as part of an evaluation of the social systems for the enterprise. The social systems are the structure to motivate, pay, and drive people to perform a process. This excludes the technical systems.


  • To assess the changes required in the individual roles given a reengineered value stream.
  • To assist in initial enterprise change project team formation.
  • To diagnose dysfunctional group behavior.


  1. Determine problem scope.
  2. Schedule workshop.
  3. Administer test.
  4. Provide feedback.
  5. Produce action plan.


The DISC Inventory can be used to determine if the right combination of interactional styles exist currently to proceed with organizational change. It is also used to determine if changes are required to the social systems in the organization. The first step is to identify the problem, using a data collection technique such as brainstorming. Next, schedule a workshop with the group, team, or department that will be given the DISC test (see Workshop and Brainstorming). The test will indicate, for each person, their interactional style, as described above. In analyzing the results of the test, look for imbalances in the number of each type contained in a specific organizational unit. For example, if a team of 10 people has a hard time meeting deadlines and the DISC results are 6 directives, 2 compliants, and 2 workers, then, the group may be too top heavy. The optimum distribution is an equal number of persons in each DISC category. The results should be reviewed with the group, and an action plan and schedule developed to modify individual behavior to meet the group goals. The following example describes the deliverables that would be produced, using this technique.


disc results

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