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Issue Tracking

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A method for keeping a record of open problems that, depending on their content, must be solved within the next task, before the next milestone, or before the change effort can be successfully completed.


  • To be used at any point, during the project life cycle, to monitor points in question, problems that need resolution, or matters that are in dispute.
  • To keep a meeting or workshop on target.
  • To avoid protracted debate on a problem which may be unresolveable, at a point in time, during a workshop or meeting.


  1. Note problem or issue as it occurs.
  2. Generate a form to record the problem or issue.
  3. Create an issue register.
  4. Status and close when completed.
  5. Capture new issues.


Projects are about change. Surprise Change creates difficult situations, resulting in problems and issues that must be addressed. The proper handling of these problems and issues is critical in being able to proceed and is key for the success of the project as a whole.

As part of standard project management practices: Plan, Activate, Control, End, (see Project Management), it is effective to track all issues that may arise. Problems and questions can develop, during workshops, team meetings, stakeholder and customer engagements, or at almost any other time during the life of the project. As issues arise, some may not be able to be resolved at that time or in a timely fashion. However, make sure that issues which can be addressed and solved are not avoided. Sometimes, it may be wise to pursue a solution, even if it may involve a delay. Keep a record of the issue in detail (interview notes, customer needs) and develop a form for summarizing and recording critical information such as the problem description, date, assigned team member, date resolution should be completed, suggested solutions and status. The table shown in the example provides an issue tracking form developed to capture this type of information.

A benefit of tracking issues is that team members feel good when the resolution takes place and they see progress being made. It also highlights opportunities and/or leverages to enable effective change management during the project.


issue tracking


  • JIRA
  • ServiceNow incidents & problem management

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