Project Management

Demand Management

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Demand Management is the allocation of capital, infrastructure, human, and other available resources to initiatives that will create the most value for the organization. Demand Management attempts to find balance in the project management triangle of scope, schedule and budget. However, it is not to be confused with Cost Containment or Cost Cutting.


To have a process in place that will optimize the use of corporate resources.


  1. Align IT Strategy with Business Strategy
  2. Manage Project Portfolio, including prioritization and sequencing of projects.
  3. Delegate Authority
  4. Achieve and measure results
  5. Re-evaluate and re-prioritize ongoing initiatives as strategic drivers change (do so based on a mutually agreed-upon process and following a set of consistent criteria)


Information technology departments have long ago moved past being order takers. General cost cutting measures and ROI demands have placed most projects under scrutiny and forced businesses to ask "what is MOST important now". That implies not only prioritization, but a consistent review of decisions made. The cyclical process that addresses these issues is Demand Management.

The process begins with strategic planning and ends with the realization of value.

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