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Community Content Guidelines

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1 Community Content
   1.1 PMI Terms of Use
   1.2 External Links to Personal Blogs or Member Websites
   1.3 Warn Before Deleting
   1.4 Posting Academic Research Surveys
   1.5 Blog Content
   1.6 Newsletter Content

Community Content

The goal of the Agile CoP is to engage community members in virtual conversations that provide community value and adhere to PMI guidelines. We encourage all CoP members to participate in the community! For tips on nurturing conversations, please see our Wiki on Meaningful Virtual Conversations.

The Community Editorial Board maintains the guidelines for community content. Comment and energetic discussions are encouraged!

PMI Terms of Use

Every PMI and CoP member who has access to PMI sites has agreed to the PMI terms and conditions.

External Links to Personal Blogs or Member Websites

  • Any postings by Members/Non-Members should adhere to PMI guidelines / policies
  • Member posting any external links as a part of their posts should always support by a detailed write up on the topic as a part of a "dialogue" with the community
  • Member posts should engage other CoP members to participate in the Discussions and open conversation
  • Providing external links as a support to the discussion is acceptable
  • Please make sure to provide a summary of the external post, before using external links
  • Please curtail self-promotion

Warn Before Deleting

For those items failing policy guidelines, moderators will:
  • Contact the author/contributor of flagged content (by email or reply to the post)
  • Direct them to the relevant policy document
  • Request the deletion or edit of the relevant post within 2 business days
  • Delete the post/content if not remedied after 2 business days
  • Follow up with email/communication that the author/contributor was requested to take action

Posting Academic Research Surveys

Community members must comply with PMI survey guidelines regarding academic research surveys. Moderators will verify that the survey has been posted on If moderators are unable to verify, then the moderator will follow the Warn Before Deleting process.

Blog Content

  • Before republishing external blogs, moderators must seek written approval from the original author
  • Republishing of blog posts from commercial websites is acceptable so long as the post is not overtly selling that company's product or services
  • Members of the PMI Agile CoP have priority over non-members
  • Moderators will work with authors to revise articles overly critical or inflammatory of PMI or other Agile organizations. If resolution can not be achieved, blogs will be removed from the website.

Newsletter Content

  • Newsletters will not contain advertisements for private courses offered by CoP members or their affiliates.
  • Newsletters may contain links to partner site(s) that are Agile CoP sponsors.

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