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   0.1 Basic Orientation
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Basic Orientation

Welcome to our main Agile Practice Area Wiki!

Start here to learn more about:

Wiki Markup Reference

A wiki is a web site or sub-site (within a larger web site) of interlinked pages in which the content of those pages are created, edited, and organized by the community. A wiki enables community members to:

Wiki pages are collaboratively edited by the community and allow members to promote topic associations between different pages. Once a page has been created, other community members may then make changes to, correct, or build upon the page. This collaborative process allows wiki pages to become rich sources of accurate information based on the collective knowledge of numerous professionals.

Every wiki page has "'Discuss'", "'Edit'", and "'History'" features that can be accessed through the right-hand navigation.

"Discuss" - talk about issues regarding the wiki page such as why you think it should be renamed or why you edited the second paragraph. This is a great way to communicate with other contributors to streamline the collaborative editorial process.

"Edit" - change or build upon the wiki page.

"History" - see how the wiki page has developed over time. Compare any two edits in history to see how they differ.

Start participating and share your knowledge in a community Wiki. Create a page or edit and build upon pages in the Wiki. Then, watch as your peers expand upon your contribution by adding their unique expertise.

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