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Value Driven Delivery

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Value Driven Delivery encompasses a range of approaches to understanding how, why and to what degree people should value things. While this domain and tasks are not used in the construction of the PMI-ACP examination, they are important. The domain and tasks delineated here may form the basis of educational and training programs and materials. This domain and tasks may also provide guidance for professional development initiatives. Recognition of the tasks may help shape the ways in which Agile project management is understood across industries as organizations continue to adopt Agile frameworks in project management.

Variations of Agile Methods and Approaches
Agile Manifesto Values and Principles
Agile Frameworks and Terminology
Incremental Delivery
Value Stream Mapping
Feedback Techniques (Prototypes, Simulation, Demonstration, Evaluation)
Product Roadmap
Agile EVM
Project and Quality Standards
Customer-Valued Prioritization
Relative Prioritization / Ranking
Risk-Adjusted Backlog
Cumulative Flow Diagrams
Task / Kanban board
Risk Burndown Charts
WIP limits
Agile Contracting Methods
Agile Accounting Principles
Principles of Systems Thinking (e.g., complex adaptive, chaos)

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