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Motivation____ Indispensible Trait Of Leader

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We all focus on resources, technology etc., we come across the term “Motivation”. But what is Motivation? What are their outcomes? Why it is so important? I will share my experiences that how we got success by motivation. Motivation is an ideology that inspires the team, everyone associated to project to achieve more, do their best, and explore opportunities to develop & many more. The resources which we use, the methodology we apply, the goals we set all will include the human as a resource to manage all, be it from ground level to top management. Every human has its environment, mind, circumstances & different attitude. They do have different spheres of exposure & knowledge which is incorporated in the project. In one of my project I found the workforce was slow, unenthusiastic etc. which ultimately was hampering my project. I studied the situation & found the following observations:- • Workers were less aware of the project objectives. • Less competitive were given the chance. • Lack of Leader to lead them, support them, guide them. • Lack of training & incentives.

I worked on all this spheres by assisting them, in the project, provided them the necessary resources with targets. Created the incentive for extra output within stipulated time. The whole team was ready to lead the project. The Outputs were:- • Cost reduction, as every resource, time, process was given importance • Team confidence to achieve the target • Competitive awareness in every sphere. • Awarded for completing the project on time with more margin of profit. This all I learned from my project mentioned in my profile, thus motivation lead to success.

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