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Risk Management_The Key To Avoid Delays

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Risk--The Unknown Circumstances that may be fatal for the project if not dealt earlier. It includes any type of uncertainty viz:-

Tangible (Machine, Manpower, Raw Material etc.) Intangible (Climatic Condition, Govt. Policies etc.) To succeed in any of the project the risk is to be assessed which is based on:-

Data analysis Experience External/Internal Information etc. There were many cases where I have faced such circumstances where the risk management played a key role which i wish to share. In my HDPE Rjio project it was the summer & it was assumed to be normal climatic conditions so we didn't took any special precaution to store raw material (Plastic Grade 48 Granules), on the third day of the project initiation suddenly the weather changed & there was a heavy rain but since the material was kept inside the plant we didn't bother about it. But to my surprise i noticed rough surface over & inside the pipe i stated in finding g the root cause which was shockingly due to the humid climate as during the processing of material to hopper the plastic granules were wet & was the main cause of the defects. I stopped the production & kept material inside hot air blower for 3 hours to get it dry & after that we processed it. the quality was quite good. I procured 3 more hot air blower type dryer so to avoid any future mishap by this the project was delayed by 4 days. But after that i started consulting with all team members regarding possible risks may arise so we can avoid it on time.

This professional experience lead me to learn & realize the importance of the risk management.

Thanks for giving your precious time, looking forward for your suggestion & comment, as there is always a room of improvement.

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