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Training Requirements—To Foster The Project activity

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We all have many qualities but still improvement is required which changes as per the project demands. What is training? Why should it be focused? What Benefits will it give? This all I will explain in my article, which will focus the importance of training.

Training may be formal, informal, Tangible, Intangible is a knowledge gaining process which is the demand of the projects.

The commonly used training methods are:-

•Tangible (In house Training, Outside Training, In Process Training, By Experience.) •In Tangible (By mean of internet, by telephonic etc.)

In growing competitive environment its necessary to nourish the skills & be up to date. I would like to share my experience in this where I gained all forms of training in one of my project stated in my profile. I was new to plastic industry & was unaware of everything, as a part of training I was given 10 days training in CIPET (Central Institute Of Plastic Engineering & Technology), where I gained the knowledge of extrusion process, the processing the defects & how to counter it. I put all my knowledge in a systematic manner such that I learnt all it in 1 month of time. Later on as per the time I took the help, guidance of my seniors for the problems I faced.

The Outcomes of my trainings were:-

• Time saving, Efficiency Gained, with less span of time • Competitiveness gained in processing of the material. • Further trained the others in due course of time. • Gave financial & brand value to my organization. • Increased productivity. • Got recognisation & reward in monetary form • Got ability to lead the projects. Thus with the regular updating of the training program we always get a competitive team with improved accountability, responsibility, competitiveness. This directly benefits the organization as they get all benefits in every sphere of the project.

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