Safety management

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We all are very conscious about our safety be it professional or personal. It is also required to carry out a project. What are its Inputs? Why is safety required? What are its outputs?


  • Safety for everyone
  • Confidence in every mind
  • Dedication in every heart
  • Improvement in every activity
  • Smile on every face

  • Safety Professional Standards
  • Mock Drills
  • Calculation & assumptions
  • Views of Team members & Experts
In one of my projects which was critical, safety was required in every aspect. At the initial stage, the team members were slow in processing. I studied their behavior, and found that they had safety concerns. I discussed it with management & made safety standards mandatory for everyone. Gradually I gained the confidence of the team & the project was completed.

Thus we gained the brand value.


  • Committed team members
  • Brand Name
  • Enthusiasm towards activity
  • Low accidental rate thus saving resources of the organization
  • Accreditations from national & international Societies
  • Self Satisfaction
This was one of my experiences in my project that gained Value.

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