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Winning Attitude__ Must For A Leader/Project Management.

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What determines the project? What attitude should be required? What is knowledge? These all questions always come around our minds but we always roam to get this, I will explain by referring to my project experience. We always have an attitude of “”Yes We Can””


• Mindset towards project, to achieve the objectives • Team members, all should work as forward wheel • Knowledge, to foster the project • Experience, to solve all problem • Determination, to achieve & think beyond box • Enthusiasm, to improve • Dream, with plan, determination & willingness to achieve

Nothing is small, nothing is big, all is started with a small scale but it depends upon the attitude from person to person. In one of my projects (MDPE), I was suggested by colleagues that not to take it as it has lots of quality standards to achieve this it will be difficult, if lost I may lose my brand value. I accepted that challenge & developed a team, provided the training, updated myself. Then the management trusted me & took the project. Initially I found some difficulties, but it was dealt in due course of time. With my team members & resources I achieved it successfully & showed to all that “”I Did What Others Said Difficult”’


• Recognized by the industry • Organization gained the trust of market • Awarded nationally & internationally • Set benchmark • Increased market value of organization & of me

These all I achieved only by “I Will Do It”, “”I Will”” attitude. I got the reorganization from renowned organization, societies for this.

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