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Learning Management System - Cost Effective LMS Software

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See what Swift LMS Platform can do for you…

Swift provides a comprehensive online learning management system software which allows Businesses, Individuals and Educators/Trainers to CREATE, MANAGE and SELL their online training courses at convenience.

Our intuitive learning platform uses a carefully crafted and adaptable approach, making it more customizable, reliable, secure and easy-to-use LMS system, to meet your unique learning needs.

why choose Swift LMS system?

Elegant Features to Enhance Your Training Program...

EASY TO USE With intuitive interface, you can easily create, deliver, and sell online training courses. All the useful resources and tools are neatly packaged into one single system to enhance admin and user experience. No prior design or coding knowledge is required.

CUSTOMIZATION AND BRANDING SwiftLMS is highly customizable; allowing you to fully customize the logo, color scheme, themes and layout to suit your company branding.

TRACKING AND REPORTING With the reporting functionality, you can generate: summarized reports, User logs, course status and more.

COST SwiftLMS is a free Learning Management System with no upfront costs.

SELL YOUR COURSES ONLINE SwiftLMS provides an ecommerce platform to sell and manage your eLearning courses online and thereby you can: Maximise your return on investment, Reduce delivery costs, Increase your training outreach.

ELEARNING INDUSTRY STANDARDS Swift LMS supports eLearning accessibility standards such as: AICC SCORM xAPI

Looking to leverage the advantages of Swift LMS? Send us a note about your LMS requirements and we’ll be in touch…

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