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PMI Salon Continued: A Glimpse into the Future – Game Changers for the PPPM Professional

Jun 8, 2016 12:00 PM EDT (UTC-4)

Continuing the Conversation from PMI® Global Congress 2016-EMEA Join Simon Moores, technology futurist, as he continues the conversation he started in the PMI Salon at PMI® Global Congress 2016-EMEA. Our panelists from varied industries, job functions, and geographies will continue to discuss how technology could change our current roles and responsibilities and its potential impact on the future of the profession in the next ten years. Prepare now for the future!

On-demand Webinars

What is Your Role in the Creation, Maintenance, and Destruction of Culture?

on-demand webinar
by Donna Brighton

Everywhere you look, there are references to culture. The April edition of the Harvard Business Review featured numerous articles on the topic of culture. There are references to culture in business news on a daily basis. Failure in M&A, Volkswagen and the VA Hospitals is blamed on culture. Everyone is talking about it, what is it and why does it matter to you?

Change Management - A Key Facilitator for Project Success

PREMIUM on-demand webinar
by S. Ramani

Many projects do not fail due to technical reasons. When project outputs get transitioned to operations and the resultant changes go live, there is a huge resistance from the impacted functional organizations (especially for projects such as system integration, process improvement, and enterprise transformation).

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Save Time With Tools + Templates

Resource Change Analysis Tracker

by Andy Jordan

This template is designed to assist project managers in preparing for a change in resources in the project team. PMs are frequently faced with the substitution of team members, and this template helps to identify the areas where the change can be most easily accommodated and areas where additional work may be required to prevent the change from causing difficulties for the project.

Project Change Request Form

by Ralph Moore

Need to initiate a change on your project? Use this form to get started. It includes sections for a detailed description, justification and potential impacts of the change on various items like scope, requirements and cost.

Program Change Request Template

by Andy Jordan

This template is a simple variation on a change request that focuses on the impact on schedule, effort and dollar budgets. It is best suited for projects with lots of activity around the critical path where any change is likely to impact the program’s ability to deliver. Although structured as a program-level request, it is identical to a project request if the wording is changed. It is designed to be used with the Change Control Log Template.

Learn From Others

Change Agility: Readiness for Strategy Implementation

white paper
by Marge Combe

This white paper explores how an organization’s change agility--its ability to quickly and effectively focus and implement change--paves the way for successful strategy implementation. Author Marge Combe of Vernal Management Consultants, LLC affirms that organizational change agility is a crucial strategic enabler and worthy of intentional nurturing by every organization. This is a companion piece to Building Change Agility: The Strategic Process for Agility Improvement.

Change Readiness: Focusing Change Management Where it Counts

white paper
by Marge Combe

Marge Combe of Vernal Management Consultants, LLC explains why it’s important for organizations to perform a change readiness assessment when launching a project or program. She suggests organizations evaluate their capacity, commitment and culture to uncover hidden factors and influences that may impede change implementation.

One Solution for Project Success: Project and Change Management in the PMBOK Guide

white paper
by Thomas Luke Jarocki

Project management is primarily an integrative job. This includes the integration of change management principles and activities throughout the project lifecycle. Unfortunately, many practitioners--regardless of their backgrounds--find it difficult to integrate strong change management principles and techniques with project management practices. PMI standards hold many of the keys required for developing structured and robust change management activities without the need to create a separate or adjunct change management plan.

Change Management: Shifting the Paradigm

by Kenneth Darter, PMP

Change is always hard, but incremental change is much easier to work with than a shift in paradigm. Can you deal with a seismic change that affects everything and everyone in the project or organization?

In Pursuit of the Fourth 'I': Ultimate Business and Project Management Strategy

by Debasis Chakrabarti, Manavasi Ramesh

In this article, with the help of theory, literature and real life examples, the authors try to explain innovation in construction projects while differentiating the same from invention. The article also discusses two more vital “I” words: improvisation and improvement.

The Changing Customer

by Braden Kelley

It feels as if the world is changing faster than ever before because the expectations of our customers—and our expectations as customers—are changing faster than ever before. Why?

Chewing Change: Consumption for Effective Change

by Debasis Roy

Just receiving work packages for change initiatives is not enough. The teams need to know what is expected from those work packages, and they need to undertake tasks to achieve those results. The processing tasks—the actual work that is done—is akin to chewing what is bitten off, with the express intention of deriving the benefits that the change initiative proposes.

Let’s Start a Change Revolution

by Braden Kelley

The pace of change is accelerating, and for many people (and companies) things are changing so fast that they feel overwhelmed and retreat to the familiar instead of embracing the change. In fact, we are approaching a tipping point where what is becoming interesting to the young is not the new, but the old.

The Case for Frank Conversation

by Suresh MK

People often avoid difficult conversations, or they botch them. Do you need to confront people about their behavior, but you aren’t sure what to say? Don’t put it off. To plan for difficult conversations, remember to use the “WAC” technique.

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