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Increase Your Influence While Helping Your Peers! thrives on the participation of our membership, so we are happy to accept a number of types of editorial submissions for consideration. If you're interested in contributing content to the community, here's what you need to get started.

What Kind of Content Can I Create?

The following is a list of the general types of community contributions that is currently accepting:

  • Articles and White Papers
    We prefer articles and other content that have not been previously published. However, we will consider existing articles and or white papers. Please note that does not publish product- or case-specific white papers as editorial content. If you are interested in publishing such a white paper, please contact our Advertising Sales Department for information about Sponsored White Papers.
  • Knowledge Shelf
    Knowledge Shelf is a growing resource of articles contributed by project managers to advance the body of knowledge. It is comprised of a wide range of practitioners from a wide range of fields, covering both popular and niche topics. From lessons learned and case studies to opinion pieces and articles, the information presented may be either specialized or general, but will be current and vital. This platform gives a voice to peers new to our online community, and allows for longer form contributions on A panel of volunteer practitioners reviews each article for value and readability prior to posting. Articles accepted for posting are eligible for PDUs. For more information on contributing to Knowledge Shelf, including licensing information, please see our Editorial Guidelines.
  • Templates
    We are always interested in deliverable templates and project plans. Even if we already have something similar in our current library, your approach may be different enough help out a PM in a pinch. (Please note that all client- or project-specific information must be purged from your documents prior to submission.)
  • Webinars
    Have you recently delivered a presentation on a topic that would be helpful to a broader audience of your peers? Want to share the impact and outcomes of a project you worked on?  Our community would love to hear from you and likely have questions that will refine your thinking on your chosen topic.

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Submission Guidelines
Read our Submission Guidelines


Content Proposal Submission Forms:  To formally begin the process of contributing content to the community, please submit your proposal through our Content Proposal Submission forms for staff review:


Propose a single content item

Propose a single content item


This form offers an easy way to submit an individual content item for consideration. Once submitted, we will quickly respond with next steps.

Propose a webinar

Propose a webinar


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Featured Articles

In addition to being an online community, is also a publication known for unique, never before published, how-to approaches addressing nearly every conceivable project management challenge. These very special articles typically receive a lot of attention on the site and we sometimes pay a small honorarium to the writer.  We are interested in all types of project management-related articles both for our front-page sections as well as our topic-specific departments. However, only a small percentage of submissions are accepted. Please note, it is our policy not to review or highlight specific vendor products. See our Submission Guidelines for more information about format, length and acceptance policy.

Reuse Requests

If you are looking to share our content, please see our form for Reusing content.



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