Project Management

Welcome to PMuniversity!

PMuniversity offers you a truly effective educational experience, by certifying you in approaches to the challenges you face NOW.

Each online training and education track is focused on a well-defined topic that is hot in PM today. No fluff. No coverage of areas that only 5% of the world will ever use. Every track is designed and maintained by real-world experienced project experts who have selected materials they feel will give you an immediate leg up. Each track includes online course modules, with study materials, evaluations and topics for further investigation. As you move through each course, you will be building a solid foundation of knowledge for that particular project management topic, at the same time you'll be solving the problems you face now.

  1. So begin by studying a module (a set of study materials and supporting documentation from our experts and from the website)
  2. Take the test at the end of the module. This is a multiple-choice type test, which also includes thought-provoking questions to help you further understand and integrate the material into your work as a project manager.
  3. Once you have successfully completed the test, you will be awarded a NOD, which will appear in your profile. You will also receive a printable PDF suitable for framing your office.

Each NOD, proudly displayed in your office, will show others you are committed to a successful result and also make a terrific addition to your resume. The only cost for all of this is the time you commit to the learning experience.

If you have questions about gantthead NODs or anything else related to, please let us know.


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