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PMXPO 2020

March 26, 2020 | online

We start the new decade with a bang as we present the 13th edition of our annual virtual conference and exhibition! Whether you’re a seasoned PM or new to the field, PMXPO provides an excellent opportunity to learn, network, earn PDUs and broaden your perspective on project management. This year’s show is headlined by keynote speaker Cara Brookins, a bestselling author who rebuilt her broken family by building her own house watching “how-to” videos on YouTube.

PMI® Business Analysis Virtual Conference 2019

November 13, 2019 | Online

Join us for PMI Business Analysis Virtual Conference 2019! This virtual event will explore the latest trends in business analysis and provide you with the insights, resources, and tools to advance your career and enhance project success.

PMI Talent & Technology Symposium 2019

June 12, 2019 | Online

The PMI Talent & Technology Symposium 2019 explores the impact of rapidly changing technologies on the project management profession across industries. Participants will gain an understanding of how to better position themselves for growth and to identify talent for their project teams.

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How to Jumpstart Your Project Management Career

Dec 8, 2021 10:00 AM EST (UTC-5)
PREMIUM webinar

If you lack formal project management training, it can be easy to get overwhelmed with this new responsibility. What accidental project managers often need, is a fast-track learning program to give them the necessary confidence to see projects through to a successful delivery. They need to grow critical project management competencies and learn how to overcome the biggest challenges on projects. I will share 10 steps to jumpstart your PM career, without worrying too much about the nitty-gritty of PM. When starting out, these tips will make a big difference in your experience. If you are considering a career in project management, this webinar provides 10 tips for success in your PM career. Whether you are handling your first project as an accidental project manager or simply wish to achieve higher levels of success in your next project, this webinar is an ideal match for you.

On-demand Webinars

The Agile Enterprise: Coaching in an Agile World

by Stelian Roman
November 04, 2021 | 60:13 | Views: 3,574 | PDUs: 1.00 | Rating: 4.45 / 5

Coaching was not necessarily a role and practice that existed when Agile started as a new approach in the 1970s. Agile began as an alternative to Lean Six Sigma which is the very mindset that is coming back to Agile as a way to 'scale' frameworks developed for small teams of software developers. Like some other practices that originated in Extreme Programming (XP), Story Points and burndown charts, the Coach role evolved to something that is hard to define. From an advisor to Senior Management, to a Trainer, or a salesman for various Agile certifications, the Agile Coach is almost always specific to software development. Agile Manufacturing and Lean Six Sigma, which may be considered much larger Business Transformations, don't necessarily have a Coach for each unit of the organization. This webinar is a Project Manager's analysis of the Agile Coach, Business Coach, and Lean Six Sigma's Master Black Belt roles.

Helping Project Managers Develop Ability in Managing Uncertainties and Ambiguities in Their Projects

by Anna Wiewiora, Peter O'Connor
October 22, 2021 | 61:46 | Views: 10,642 | PDUs: 1.00 | Rating: 4.52 / 5

Project managers are regularly confronted with complex and ambiguous situations in their projects. Ambiguities in projects impact decision making, evoke negative emotions such as stress or anxiety and can have long-term consequences on job satisfaction and burnout. The webinar will present findings from three interrelated studies on managing ambiguities in projects. We will present a catalog of ambiguous situations in projects, including types of ambiguities and specific examples of ambiguities in projects. We will outline and discuss individual, organizational, and situational conditions affecting tolerance of ambiguity, and provide a range of recommendations and strategies for managing ambiguities in projects. Findings from these studies were drawn from the established literature on ambiguities and uncertainties in projects, data from interviews with experienced project managers, and a longitudinal survey with 275 project managers.

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Save Time With Tools And Templates

Personal Leadership Development Plan

PREMIUM deliverable
by Eduard Hernandez

Translate your improvement plans into concrete actions and real results using this simple questionnaire, which helps you chart development focus areas and tie them to situations you encounter on the job. Adjust to fit your situation, and add rows/sections as needed.

Career Assessment Template

by Michael Wood

No matter where you are on the career ladder, consider creating a roadmap for moving forward by comparing your current state to the requirements needed to achieve your career goals—and then identify the actions you need to take to make it all happen. Use this template in conjunction with the article What’s Your Career Plan?

ITTO Reference List

by Sankameeswaran Shunmugasundaram

Use this Excel sheet as a quick reference when studying inputs; tools and techniques; and outputs from A Guide to the Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK® Guide)—Sixth Edition. It categorizes them by chapter, process group and knowledge area.

Tools & Techniques Study Sheet

by Beatriz Peinado

Use this Excel sheet as a quick reference when studying tools and techniques from A Guide to the Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK® Guide)—Sixth Edition. It categorizes them by type and cross-references by knowledge area.

Learn From Others

Managing the Tightrope of Success Over the Holidays

by Emily Luijbregts

The work and personal stresses from this time of year alone can be daunting. What can you do to manage it? If you want to survive the holiday period with a healthy, positive mindset, follow these tips!

The Rise of the Domain-Specific Project Manager?

by Kevin Coleman

In order to keep up with emerging technologies, project management professionals must invest in updating their knowledge and skills on an ongoing basis. Are we about to witness the rise of the domain-specific PM?

Should a Career Be a Group Effort?

by Andy Jordan

Careers are still viewed as competitive—and with multiple candidates competing for all opportunities, the need to try and “one-up” colleagues is at least somewhat understandable. But that's the wrong approach.

Are You Managing These 5 Career Risks Effectively?

by Bruce Harpham

Your career is one of the most valuable financial assets in your life. Yet there is a very good chance you are not identifying and managing career uncertainties. Here we look at how to combat three negative risks—and meet the challenge of two that present opportunities.

Is Maintaining Your PMP® Designation Important?

by Bruce Garrod

We recently discussed the relevance of earning the PMP® certification, but is it worth it to maintain it after the tools and processes have already been imparted?

What Do Your Colleagues Think of You?

by Andy Jordan

Every experienced project manager can look back and cringe at some of the things they did when they were inexperienced. Whether you are a young, new or stubborn PM, you always need to recognize your ability to learn and grow.

Engaging With Work That Matters

by Mark Mullaly, Ph.D., PMP

When it comes to the personal things—the things that you are passionate about, that you believe are really important, and that could make a significant difference—how often do they rise to the top of your to-do list? When was the last time you got to spend any significant time working on them? Reclaiming that time isn't easy, but it's important.

Valuable Lessons From Our New Way of Working

by Yasmina Khelifi

We have unparalleled opportunities to rethink how we work as an individual and in teams—and the pandemic has also highlighted the true essence of what it means to be a human being in this globalized world. Discover five patterns of the “new normal” as we adapt to a modern way of working.

Is Multi-Tasking a Bad Thing?

by Andy Jordan

Is being called a great multi-tasker the ultimate compliment for project managers? Not so fast. In today’s world, the dangers and risks of multi-tasking are a little better understood than they previously were thanks to more awareness about the inefficiencies of frequent change.

Getting Out of the Way of Your Own Biases

by Mark Mullaly, Ph.D., PMP

If you know you have biases in how you make decisions, and that those biases are relatively innate and ingrained, then how do you overcome them? How do you recognize when your biases are operative? What should you do differently? How do you make sure you are making a good decision?

Practical Ways to Contribute to Diversity & Inclusion

by Bruce Harpham

There are two parts to making progress on diversity and inclusion. The first step is self-knowledge and reflection; the second step is adding diversity and inclusion to our work as a standard practice. Here are some tips to help nurture your DE&I efforts.

The Power Skill Wave: Are You Prepared For Tomorrow's Business World?

by Kevin Coleman

We face a pending wave of disruptive innovation and economic market potential. How equipped is the project management profession to handle such strategic initiatives? Are their enough PMs with power skills to meet the demand? How would you respond if asked to handle such an assignment?

Overcoming Challenges for Women in Male-Dominated Industries

by Yasmina Khelifi

Unconscious biases and a lack of support may hold some women back from progressing in the workforce. What do we all need to recognize at an organizational level, and how can we improve the culture and opportunities?

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