Project Management

A Cure for Turnover and Loss of Process Knowledge?

Rich Kay, PMP

Dr. W. Edwards Deming left us with a legacy of his well-known 14 obligations of management, a system of profound knowledge and many other thought provoking ideas.  However, his Seven Deadly Diseases are less well known. Turnover of people in our constantly changing environment could be the deadliest of the Seven Diseases if not properly inoculated against. 

When folks move on to other opportunities, internal or external to your organization, life goes on. However, with them normally goes much of your process knowledge. Such atrophy of process knowledge could be devastating to your organization if you don't take action to keep it healthy. Achieving continuity of process knowledge in your organization requires a simple approach.  

Assemble the right team  Assemble the process owners and knowledge workers for a specific work group or functional area.   Don’t know who they are?  Now you see why there is a great need for this approach...

Define the term "Process"  Briefly define what a process is - e.g., a series of steps with a defined beginning and end, which transforms inputs to provide a service or product.  Give an example of a simple and familiar process to get warmed up.

Brainstorm a list of all work processes.  Now that all concerned have a basic …

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