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Good afternoon, Dr. Project,

I'm writing from Mexico. I have a problem. I normally work as a project manager. The problem is that at our company it is very difficult to work through a project plan. The scope of the projects changes very quickly. As a result it is very, very difficult to build a project plan, let alone keep it up to date. Right now I'm not working as a project manager because the area I work in had to finish the project in one month (the original project plan was four months). Management did not believe the project should take that much time. How do I persuade management to listen to me? What can I do?


Dear Mehico,

You want it when? It sounds like you have been victimized by the infamous management answer, "Bring me a different answer." After all, one month versus four months...what's the big deal? Unfortunately, management often lip-syncs the Top 20 song, "We Believe In Project Management Magic," but doesn't mean a word of it.

When faced with getting the project done or following sound project management practices, it comes down to getting the project done, period. In the esoteric world of the Project Management Cost, Schedule, Performance (CSP) Triangle, this is known as "schedule constrained." In other words, the project schedule becomes all important to management. When pressed, the project plan goes out the window with the bath water …

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