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I Forgot: What Are We Here for Again?--Deadly Disease #1: Lack of Constancy of Purpose

Rich Kay, PMP

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You have been assigned as a project manager (PM) for a very exciting project. You have assembled an awesome team. Everyone is a professional in what they do--and they are pumped. Your sales and service design team hands you the signed proposal--ideally one in which you had some input--and now you are ready to march forward on this awesome opportunity.

So what is your first move on this exciting journey? Ready, fire, aim and then recalibrate! Regrettably, this is what most of us do or have done. I know, I have been there. My enthusiasm for driving the outcome, at least the outcome I perceived was the desired outcome by the client, ended in some sour grapes by all concerned. So what is your first move and subsequent moves in your quest to overcome the disease of “Lack of Constancy of Purpose"? 

Assemble the stakeholders and validate the project objective and purpose 
Ultimately, your objective is to deliver a product or service within the scope defined by your client, within budget, on schedule and as agreed upon at the beginning of this process. So how do you achieve this consensus with your client? After your crack sales team has won over the client with great expectations, now it is your turn to deliver and manage those expectations from …

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