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An article in Learning and Training Innovation magazine quotes Dr. Imelda Idar, the director of the Professional Development Division of Treasury Agency Services: "Sometimes, the best way to learn how to swim is by simply jumping into the water." She was talking about implementing e-learning strategies within her department. And, no wonder--many organizations have been using similar approachs for their e-learning initiatives.

This approach seems to be prevalent mostly because of the complexity involved in e-learning initiatives that, unlike some other business applications, involve too many departments, people and technical products. This makes developing e-learning strategy and planning for its implementation quite multifaceted and detailed. What strategies should you adopt? Should it be blended learning, completely online, instructor led, supplemental to a classroom? On top of this, measuring the ROI of e-learning programs is also very challenging. How do you determine the total cost of ownership? How do you measure and track financial impact?

One way to address the challenge of developing e-learning strategies is by taking a holistic approach spanning the complete learning needs of the organization, as the Treasury Agency services did. First they did a complete needs-assessment of all lines of businesses, staff and management. This helped them in scoping the content, …

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