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Robert Wourms

When project managers have too many responsibilities to complete them efficiently and effectively, outsourcing certain project functions is a viable option. External resources can forge a trusted partnership with project teams, enabling them to achieve higher project success rates -- a win-win for the project manager and the organization.

During a recent survey of several hundred project office directors and senior-level executives, 39 percent of respondents said that they currently outsource project management functions such as project controls, or are considering it. In addition, more than half (61 percent) of the responding companies use outside consultants for project management, primarily for augmented staffing.

Here is a quick look at some additional benefits of outsourcing the project controller role, which supports the project manager by handling most of the critical detail-oriented, analytical-focused, time-intensive project tasks (see "Introducing the Project Controller"):

  • Immediate use of professionally trained and experienced project controllers, without the cost of recruiting, hiring, and training.
  • Consistency across all projects in following a standard methodology and reporting techniques.
  • Objective assessment of project status (no political fallout when key projects are reported to be in trouble).
  • Allows internal project managers to take on …

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