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Job Search Tips from Real Life

Donna Boyette
This article is the third in an exclusive series. See Prepare for a Possible Career Gap and Desk for Success.
Once you start your job search, you will probably end up on a list or two that sends regular messages such as this one, currently in my Inbox: "E-mail Your Resume to 1000s of Recruiters & GET HIRED!"
I can't tell you how effective these services are because I have never used them, nor talked with anyone who has. What I have done is quickly land interviews for jobs on the phone and in person. I asked my co-workers--currently working toward their exit dates due to a merger--what has worked for them.
The advice below was reinforced in a recent career-strategy class, and if you take just a few of these tips and make them your own, you will be far ahead of job seekers who approach the search with a more casual or fearful attitude.
Chuck, director of IS Web Development, said, "It is critical to assess your skills, and you can ask yourself two questions. 'Do I like what I'm doing?' or 'Is this an opportunity to do what I really want to do (which may not be related in any way to your current position)?'"
He said, "You might not be as skilled for your current job (at a new company) as you like. What are the trends? In IT management (Web development), the mix used to be 50 percent administrative, 30 percent technical skills and 20 percent …

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