Project Management

I Can Think Clearly Now

Luda Kopeikina

You know how you feel when you have a ‘light bulb’ moment, when suddenly the solution to a problem becomes crystal clear. What if those were regular occurrences instead of elusive moments? Here is how to eliminate three bad habits (often mistaken as qualities) that can cloud your thinking and decision-making skills.

Many business leaders agonize over decisions. Big or small, we replay all the possible solutions to a problem over and over in our mind. We get so wrapped up in the problem that our brain often gets “stuck” and we can’t move forward. Sometimes the decision is easy, like which restaurant to take a client to, while other times the decision is much more difficult, such as whether to take a job transfer. Yet, when your mind is foggy and unfocused, even simple decisions can seem impossible.
Why are some of these seemingly “easy” decisions so hard to make? It’s not the decision itself, but rather the state your mind and body are in when you are faced with making one. You need to be relaxed, balanced, and focused to be able to easily make the right decisions every time. Additionally, we often engage in daily habits that make reaching clarity and good decisions near impossible.
When you’re in this proper mental state, all the facets of your mind and body come together in the right balance. You can …

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