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Help Wanted: Construction PMs

Experience and written and verbal communication skills are the most highly prized traits in project manager candidates in the construction industry.

Project management performance can make or break the profitability of a construction company, but instead of “chasing after the mythical perfect project manager,” organizations would do well to focus on improving project management processes and practices to create an environment in which the best project managers can thrive, suggests the findings of a recent survey by FMI, a management consultancy for the construction industry.
In addition to creating a culture that fosters project management, construction companies can take steps in their hiring process to improve their chances of finding the right person for the job, according to the FMI 2006 Project Management Survey. Executives were asked about the performance of their project managers and their practices in four main areas — technology use, personnel, operations and project coordination. Some key findings from the survey include:
> Experience and communication skills (written and verbal) are the most highly prized traits in project manager candidates.
> Financial management tops the skills that are most lacking in new project manager candidates.
> Client/customer relations and building skills are the strongest skill sets for current project managers.
> …

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