Chart A PMO Vision

Don Page

Many organizations do not adequately document and articulate a complete vision for their program management offices. Here is what should be captured in the charter document.

It is absolutely critical that all of a company’s project stakeholders have a complete understanding of their program management office’s purpose and its place in the organization. The vision forms the basis for key decisions related to the roles that PMO personnel will play and the extent to which those roles align career paths in the organization. After the vision is created, effectively communicating it across the organization is key to ensure stakeholder buy-in.
The PMO vision should be captured in a chartering document that specifically defines the following elements of the PMO’s structure and operations:
__ Sponsoring entity or organization. Under whose authority will the PMO be established and operated?
__ PMO structure. Will the PMO operate as a functional matrix or project/product orientation?
__ Authority levels granted to the PMO by the sponsor and governance structures. How will the PMO manage its projects and people?
__ Roles within the PMO. What are the specific roles and what do they entail?
__ Integration of PMO roles with the rest of the organization. How will the PMO obtain and assign staff? What happens to the staff post-PMO?
__ Life cycle …

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