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Job Rotation: Recession-Fighting Career Strategy

Bob Weinstein is a journalist who covers technology, project management, the workplace and career development.

Former American Motors CEO Gerald Meyers once said that adversity creates opportunities. He was speaking about business and career opportunities.       
The likelihood of a full-blown recession, for example, creates both hardship and opportunities. Consumers will spend less, companies will produce less goods and services, and will have little choice but to layoff workers. But new career opportunities will emerge in the process.
The BLS reported that this January, following 52 consecutive monthly increases and for the first time since August 2003, the economy failed to create jobs.
Overall, non-farm employment fell by 17,000 last month, with a 55,000-job decline in construction and manufacturing, more than offsetting a tepid 34,000-job increase in the service sector--the slowest gains in more than two years. National Association of Manufacturers chief economist David Huether recently said that the economy is "stuck in low gear."
The federal government is looking for ways to stimulate the economy and create jobs. All well and good, but the government doesn’t move fast. By the time it green-lights an action plan, the recession could be escalating into a depression, or we could be speeding toward prosperity. The best remedy is to fashion your own recession-fighting strategy. If you’re…

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