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Tom's latest eBook has been released on Amazon: "The 7 Myths of IT Integrations". Tom is also a Program Director for a large Midwest corporation and has been an adjunct faculty member at Walsh College. He has managed global web initiatives, data center moves and large multi-million dollar programs.

How many times have you heard about looking at the “big picture”? So many times you could scream, right? I love those demonstrations in the electronics stores where they show you a standard, normal television picture and then switch to widescreen, HD mode to show you how much of the movie was cropped out to make it fit your limited field of vision. It was really difficult to watch my old television set anymore.
Taking in the full panorama of the landscape during a project planning phase could not only help you plan a better project, but it could flush out some key details that could be lurking just off camera, especially the ones that may not have hit you until just before “Go Live”.
Scene 1: Project Planning
You are about to implement another IT system. It should be a repeatable slam dunk. You know the software and you have worked with this application before. You have articulated the scope, although you know you still need to gather detailed requirements—but you have a good handle on the resources and the costs for this project. You have codified all the risks and established the communication channels. You should be done, right?
Now switch to the wide lens and take another look at your project. What else could possibly be in the picture, but was cropped when…

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