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John Sullivan is a working project manager who writes and speaks on project and career issues.

Globalization is creating a need for managers with international expertise, and the best way to get it is through a foreign assignment. Living and working in another country will increase your qualifications and could advance your career since many executive positions require international experience.
But an expatriate job can cost a company two to three times more than a domestic position, so you must aggressively sell yourself and prove that you can fulfill a need and create value for the company--just like you would when seeking a local job.
One Person’s Experiences
Jake Krakauer was doing international marketing at a high-tech manufacturer’s headquarters in Silicon Valley, California when he took a sabbatical and later decided to seek an international assignment. “I’m a marketing guy,” he said. “I did not have sales experience, but this would be the rough equivalent of being in the field.”
Jake’s job existed in part because some European offices had no marketing staff and relied on the sales force for marketing. He was already traveling heavily when he approached his company with an idea: “Wouldn’t it be neat if we had a marketing person in Europe?” That started the negotiations and the company eventually created the job in Switzerland because it filled an unmet need for them--a …

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