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Project Schedule Control with Mindjet MindManager

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Topics: Schedule Management, Scheduling
One of the beneficial features of Mindjet MindManager is its ability to import and export to Microsoft Project. This feature is very useful when the project manager is managing project execution while trying to control the project schedule. During the scope definition phase, I use Mindjet to develop the shell of the project schedule and during project execution, I use the export features to create mind maps to track specific tasks.
Each week, I run a weekly project schedule and issues review with my project team. The team has a copy of the baselined Microsoft Project schedule in both the Gantt Chart view and the Resource Usage view. During a schedule review meeting, I am seeking status for specific tasks in the project schedule rather than the entire project schedule. Mindjet MindManager’s export feature creates a mind map of the week’s tasks and I use it to track percentage complete, identify new issues and take notes relevant to the tasks (Figure 1):
Figure 1: Microsoft Project to MindJet Mind Manager
To export the Microsoft Project schedule into Mindjet, follow a simple process: 

1. Open Mindjet MindManager with a blank mind map
2. Open your schedule Microsoft Project
3. Highlight the tasks you would like to export
4. Click the Send to Mind Manager icon in the toolbar (Figure 2)

  Figure 2: Send …

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