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Peter Heinrich

A strong resource planning process contributes to PMO and portfolio productivity. At the annual Resource Planning Summit, practitioners gather to share insights, approaches and results.

When I first saw Coleman Grimmett's previous chart at the Resource Planning Summit in 2010, I immediately knew it was an important moment for the Resource Planning Summit. The chart provided proof of something we all inherently knew — that a strong resource planning process would contribute to driving PMO and portfolio productivity. Conference attendees and clients had asked me forever, "Where are the metrics?" and here they were.

However, when this updated chart was put in front of me this time around, it meant so much more to the discipline of Resource Planning and the validation of the Summit.

First of all, the chart stands on its own. Coleman's PMO at Medtronic improved the percent of projects launching on time from 5% to 76%, with a reduction in the average launch delay for the remaining projects from 18 months to under two months. The introduction of resource planning into the PMO was a major contributor to these results. Coleman reported this correlation at RPS 2010 and will speak about it again at RPS 2012 this year.

But Coleman did more than just report the results in 2010. He brought with him insights into the approaches he took to get …

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