Were the Mayans Right About Your PMO?

Jerry Manas is the author of the best-sellers Napoleon on Project Management and Managing the Gray Areas, and a recognized thought leader in organizational project and resource management. His latest book is The Resource Management and Capacity Planning Handbook (September 2014). Jerry's work has been highlighted in a variety of publications, and he has appeared on radio programs nationwide.

It could very well be near the end of the world for your PMO unless your organization is prepared to properly address five undeniable trends: resource demand; predictive analytics; innovation; portfolio management-led integration of strategy, finance and operations; and, of course, Agile.

In December, I presented a webinar dispelling the numerous myths about the Mayan end-of-the world predictions, not the least of which is the fact that the circular sun stone tablet referred to in 95% of the websites predicting doomsday is in fact Aztec, not Mayan. But I did, however, share the more realistic doom and gloom cautionary messages for PMOs in 2013 — specifically five things to worry about, all undeniable trends that have been heading our way like a freight train with faulty brakes.

The fact is, it could very well be near the end of the world for your PMO unless you’re prepared to address these five things I predict for the coming year.

1. Floods (of resource demand)

Uncontrolled demand has long been a problem for organizations, and it isn’t showing signs of letting up. The biggest problem is a lack of visibility of the true resource capacity (minus ongoing administrative and estimated unplanned work) and of true demand (including project and non-project work). Add a flood of innovation initiatives into the mix and it just may break the dam. No …

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