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PM Careers in Financial Services (Part 1): The Corporate PM

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Todd is Principal Implementation Management Consultant at BI-SAM and author of "No Project Management by Powerpoint".

Having spent the last quarter century working in and around the financial services industry, I have been witness to the incredible growth of professional opportunities for those of us who choose to be called “project manager.”

What has also become evident, however, is that during this recent expansion within the project management profession, two very distinct career paths have begun to take shape. These options have always been available, but now have begun to separate themselves in terms of everything from required skill sets to recruiting practices. These two career paths are Corporate Project Managerand Project Management Consultant. This series of articles explores the pros and cons of each path, and further breaks down some of the subtleties within each role to provide insight to those of us evaluating future career options.

A corporate project manager in financial services might work for a large bank, investment firm, insurance company or any financial institution not involved primarily in developing and implementing technology or delivering consulting services. The project manager is a full-time employee (not a contractor) of the organization. The role of the corporate project manager can be very rewarding, as the opportunity to work on complex, large-scale and strategic projects increases because the nature of the employing organization. There is…

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